Making A DUI Plea In Oregon

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You will be approached by a prosecutor to make a deal after being charged with DUI in Oregon. Also known as plea bargaining, a deal is where the prosecutor offers some concessions in return for pleading in a certain manner to certain offenses. However, before making the deal, there are some things you should do. If uncertain, you can consult a DUI lawyer in Eugene Oregon for assistance.
1. Know the various types of deals: Deals do not involve the accused pleading guilty to get a lesser sentence. There are different types of deals and you can negotiate the arrangement, with or without a DUI lawyer from Oregon. You might negotiate about pleading guilty to a less-serious offense, dismissal of the charge so you can plead guilty for another one, or agree to a sentence that does not involve suspending your driving license.

2. There is no specific place or time at which you are required to do the deal: With the help of DUI attorneys in Oregon, you should be able to approach the prosecutor at any time to make or negotiate the deal. The negotiations can be either formal (for instance “pretrial” or “settlement” conference in a judge's chamber) or formal where you can do it by phone.

3. You will be looking at a compromise: The prosecutor wants to save court expenses in making the deal and or free the court of other cases. On the other hand, you should be inspired by getting lesser sentence or even better, a pardon. This type of balancing, while it seems easy and common sense might require the expertise and legal advice. You should contact DUI attorneys in Oregon to assist with the required advice and support in make relevant decisions. A DUI lawyer in Eugene Oregon should help you avoid giving up too much on what you should otherwise have gained.

4. Don't show all your cards: Do not let the prosecutor bully you into accepting a weak "take it or forget it" deal. Do not be tempted to explain everything about how you plan to fight the charges or defend yourself. Engaging a DUI Oregon first offense lawyer will signal the prosecutor that you know what you deserve and are not necessarily looking for mercy, because the latter could be starting point for mistreatment.

5. Avoid the G-word: Do not plead guilty, I mean, before the deal is formalized, otherwise, the prosecutor might use what you say against you if, for one reason or another, you both do not reach at an agreement on deal. That said, ensure that the deal is formalized and engage a DUI Oregon first offense lawyer if you do not understand how the deal should get formalized.

Even if the prosecutor or a state lawyer first tells you that it is an informal talk, do not agree to plead guilty or disclose what you intend to do or say in the defense. Just answer every question in a very neutral manner.