Key Importance of Patio Umbrella – Why use Patio Umbrella

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Patio umbrella has got many great advantages to offer. These umbrellas are very useful for any outdoor relaxations. It can be installed near swimming pool, in your garden, backyard, river side or any area you are touring out. These umbrellas are very use especially during summer days or day time when the sun is hot. There is no doubt that you will spend a wonderful time out with your family and friends using this Tilt umbrella that is available in different types and sizes. It brings you the most refreshing time.

The cantilever umbrella is highly durable. They are made of good quality materials and can sustain the heat and strong wind. These umbrellas are made to last long. These umbrellas act as a better barrier between your skin and harmful sun rays. They help preventing skin damages.

Here is a guide to help you choose the right type of outdoor patio umbrella to suit your needs:

·       Size of patio umbrella:

These umbrellas are available in different sizes ranging from 5 feet to 12 feet and even larger. Try to choose the size that suits your requirements and number of person to accommodate. You should also consider the table size while selecting the patio umbrella.

·       Pole diameter

This is another important factor to consider. There should be enough clearance such that taller individuals need not stoop down when they are under the patio umbrella. However, at the same time, it should not be too high as it may not give the expected shade.

·       Bases

It is very important to consider the base of an umbrella while choosing the one for your outdoor retreatment.  The bases range from 20 lb to 70lb, which you can choose according to the size of the umbrella.


·       Tilting umbrella

This type of umbrella can help change the projection of shades you want. They are easy to use and give no hassle. They are best for any party celebrations. You are flexible to adjust the angel of the umbrella as required.

·       Table and free-standing umbrellas

The table umbrellas are best for dining tables, whereas the free-standing umbrellas are the best option for outdoor. They are ideal to be used for poolside furnishing.

You can find more types and choices of patio umbrella online. Try to also know the price of umbrella along with the brand and type you are choosing to get an affordable choice.