How Does A DUII Diversion Program Work?

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In certain jurisdictions, the less serious or first time DUI offenses are eligible to go for DUI diversion program. This program requires the defendant to meet some specific conditions like going through some classes or performing some community services. After the conditions get fulfilled, the judge or the prosecutor dismisses all the charges against the person. The Oregon DUII diversion program is offered as the court feels that first time DUI is by mistake on part of the defendant. The person must be given a chance to behave more responsibly in future and rehabilitate himself.

Guilty Plea Might Be Needed:
Most of the time, only the first time offenders who have not caused any property damage or injury get the chance of taking the diversion program. However, the rules vary from state to state and only an experienced DUI attorney can offer you the best information on this. Some of the states require the offender to first plead guilty while others go for deferred adjudication.

The Working of Suspended Sentence:

The suspended sentence is the most popular type of DUII diversion program. Here are the steps which get involved in it:
Defendant Pleads For His Guilt: When the offender pleads for his guilt, then he gets sentenced for DUI. However, this sentence gets suspended for a specific time so that the offender gets a chance to meet all the conditions of the DUI diversion program.

The Offender Has To Perform Certain Acts:

The prosecutors and the offender enter into an agreement. This agreement says that the defendant has to behave in a certain manner for a specific time period. For instance, he cannot get involved in any other crime, or use drugs and also has to carry out some service for the community. If the person can abide by these specific rules, then the charges against him might get dismissed.


In case, the offender fails to meet any of the terms, the sentence which got suspended is to become active.

This is only one type of DUI diversion program while there are many others as well which work in different manners. To have a better insight into the Oregon DUII diversion program, Arnold Law can be your best guide. We have many experienced DUI defense lawyers who can offer you the best knowledge and solutions on different DUI cases.