Frequently Asked Questions about Kansas City Kansas Child Custody Lawyers in Overland Park

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Throughout the process of any divorce, it is usually the child, or children, that are significantly affected when they see that their parents are separating. But by attaining Kansas City Kansas Child Custody Lawyers in Overland Park, and ensuring that custody is decided fairly and justly, you often can help make sure the result will take their best interests into account.  They are knowledgeable about all of Kansas’ statutes, rules and case law regarding custody and child support.

Parents who are going through a divorce or custody matter might have a number of questions in mind.  Here’s a list of FAQs that will help parents make better decisions for their child.

How will custody work?

Taking the child’s best interests into consideration, the court shall decide how custody will work. This includes a lot of factors, such as the child’s adjustment to home, the desire of each parent, the child’s school and communities, and also the willingness of the parent to allow a continuing relationship between the child and the other parent.

How is shared or joint custody helpful?

Joint legal and/or shared custody is often thought to be the best arrangement. Contrary to sole custody, joint legal custody allows both parents to have equal say in making decisions for the child, keeping in mind their best interests. Kansas City Kansas Child Custody Lawyers in Overland Park can also assist where one parent refuses to cooperate with a custody schedule.

How can you get child support?

Children deserve to be taken care of financially to ensure their needs are met. The court decides a fair amount of child support depending upon the parent’s income and the need of the child. Certainly, different facts such as income, expenses and custody time can lead to a different outcome.  Thus, if you’re residing in or near Kansas, you can hire Kansas City Kansas Child Support Lawyers in Overland Park who will guide you to ensure that child support is correctly calculated.

How to establish paternity of your child?

For children born out of wedlock, the father will almost always want to establish their paternity, if its in dispute, and establish their custody rights.  By doing so, they are ensuring that they have an enforceable right to custody. To ensure this takes place, it is advisable to hire Kansas City Kansas Paternity Lawyers in Overland Park. They will guide you, both with the legal procedures such as DNA testing, child custody and support, as well as offer emotional support.

What if one parent decides to relocate with the child?

Before moving to a different city or state with a child, it is vital that the parent ensure that they are complying with the requirements.  Unless the move is by consent of the party, a notice needs to be provided to the other parent.  If the other parent objects properly, a judge will ultimately have to make the final decision. Making the mistake of relocating without following the law could result in a party facing severe ramifications. If you are seeking to relocate, or want to object to the relocation of the other parent, you should hire Kansas City Kansas Child Custody Lawyers in Overland Park to assist in the process.

Can Kansas City Kansas Child Custody Lawyers in Overland Park help you get through the emotional aspects of a child custody case?

Yes, they can. Lawyers who are experienced in family law can often help parties keep their emotions in check and make decisions that are truly based on the best interests of the children.    Even while a case is pending, Kansas City Kansas Child Custody Lawyers in Overland Park can help you in formulating strategies for being a responsible parent.

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