All You Need to Know About Hashtiv Wallet and Currency

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There are enough social media platforms currently ruling the market, it is comprehensible, but how many of them let you interact with the world in a personalized way? With Hashtiv, you do not have to worry about the content and newsfeed you are not wanting to see.

Hashtiv ICO is an evolved social media platform that lets you control the trends, check and verify sources of information, fully control the content and stay connected with friends. When an app is drawn on the versatility of social media, there is not a reason why Hashtiv should not be chosen as the ultimate connecting platform.

How does Hashtiv want to mainstream cryptocurrency to the world?

Let us first form a clear idea of cryptocurrency. The term refers to a digital asset, which is formulated to function as a medium of exchange with the help of cryptography. Such a process should control the addition of units of currency, thereby, initiate the method of media ICO.

These alternative currencies or virtual currencies are being looked upon as newer and convenient way of carrying out transactions, which is why Hashtiv would start by assorting each user a free wallet to store, purchase or exchange on its social media platform.

Hashtiv’s currency and wallet

Hashtiv is aiming at further popularizing social media ICO by allowing anybody on its social media platform purchase advertising. Such a virtual transaction would be offered at a 25% discount rate as compared to USD. Therefore, here the automatic integration of a cryptocurrency wallet into a user’s Hashtiv account ensures a simplified funding and receiving of currencies across the globe.

Hashtiv’s transparency would bridge the gap

The market of virtual currencies involvesa lot of doubt and lack of trust. Several big players in the industry refuse or are skeptical when it comes to investing in the areas of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

With Hashtiv, the cloud of doubt is dispelled as it bridges the gap between the known and the unknown. It provides a platform that shall verify its users before making a purchase with tokens and exchanging or trading their currency.

Hashtiv’s smart integration of a record system for recording all the transactions occurring on its platform helps provide a thorough transparency to the users and the investors. Hence, the platform plays a vital role in dismissing the doubts that are customarily attached with cryptocurrency.