6 Best Battery Saver App for Android 2016

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In this article am sharing list of best battery saver app for android 2016. Android apps are developed for everything. So if you are facing problem with your android battery and you want to increase battery life. As you know problem for the android mobiles is battery life and if you are also sick of with this problem then you can use these following apps to get rid of it. There are lots of android apps listed on Google Play Store to save battery android app and not all of them are origin. So, we have chosen some popular and best apps. You can easily save your battery life with these android apps effectively.

So you can get information like battery consumed by apps and games and many more using these battery saving apps. You can also do some settings on off to save battery life using some amazing battery saving apps. As you know all of us consider battery life as the main reason to but the android phone. Somehow if you are lost your battery life due to some reasons then you can improve those using these android apps. There are no premium apps to buy I mean all of them are free and available on Google Play Store. So here is the list of best battery saver app for android 2016 and made it you can also check out best android apps like

Then check this list amazing list and increase your android phone battery life effectively. It must be one of the below app for saving your android phone battery.

Best Battery Saver App for Android

Easy Batter Saver- Best Battery App for Android

Easy Batter Saver is also a popular and greatest Battery App for Android to save the android phone battery. It is completely accurate and unique. It shows all the accurate details of the battery consumed by the applications and very easy to use. This is completely small in size and hence requires low space on your android phone. It also shows the battery status and percentage in the home screen of android phone.

Avast Battery Saver- Best Android App to Save Battery

Avast Battery Saver is also a greatest Android App to Save Battery. Avast developers have also come with the ultimate android app to increase battery life of your android phone. It is also freely available on Google Play Store. It is also increases your android phone battery effectively. There are ultimate features available on this app to save battery of your android phone by battery saving modes. As it is like alternative app you can also check the RAM being used by the applications and even battery also. Thus you can save your battery using this app in this way.

DU Battery Saver- Best Android Battery Saver App

DU Batter Saver is the most used, installed and known android app for saving battery. It extends you battery usage of android phone with very powerful effect. It increases 30% your battery upon using it. It is specially developed for background apps those specially battery consumers while using internet. You just have to experience it I mean how magic it is going to be.

3x Battery Saver

3x battery saver android app is also a good batter saving app for android phones. This app is freely available on Google Play Store and getting popularity day by day. It disconnect internet for all the apps which starts working on internet. This is unique and ultimate. This is also a recommended battery saver apps for android phone.

CM Battery Saver for Android

As you know there are many apps of CMs are available in Google Play Store and this one is also most popular battery saver app for android now. It saves battery by keeping the android phone in battery saving mode by using this app. You can save your battery by just tapping on battery saving mode option as I mean to say one tap battery saver. This app is completely small in size and hence requires low space on your android device.

Green Battery Saver

Green Battery Saver is also one of the best battery saving apps for android. Green Battery Saver app is also a great app to save battery life of your android phone. You can get the exact details of battery use by the applications, movies and many more things using this app and reduce battery apply. This is the easy process and app will completely let you know where the perfect your battery loosing and will increases the battery life of your android phone.